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About Apgar Turf Farm, Inc.

What started as a lawn care business and transformed into a 45-year legacy, Apgar Turf Farm, Inc. has continued to provide excellent customer service and top-quality turfgrass in the Delmarva region.

As Delaware’s premier turf supplier, our sod is custom grown right in Smyrna, DE, nurtured and harvested to thrive in our climate and resist disease, drought, and other climatic conditions.

No matter the time of year, we keep our customers informed and are always here to answer their questions about sod care and maintenance.

Sod Installation in Smyrna, DE
family-owned turf farm | Apgar Turf Farm, Smyrna DE

Our Philosophy

For three generations, the Apgar family has worked side by side to deliver, not just high-quality sod for residential and commercial applications, but dependability, reliability, and consistency.

Rich in natural grass seed and organic matter, our sod is regulated and certified by the State of Delaware. As members of Turf Producers International, the Delaware Nursery & Landscape Association, as well as the National Federation of Independent Business, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Simply put: We know grass, and after 45 years of being in business, we continue to live and work by the following motto:

We wouldn’t sell sod to our customers if we wouldn’t install and use it ourselves!

The Benefits of Turfgrass

There are many benefits to using turfgrass. Not only does turfgrass produce an “instant” lawn and function as an efficient multi-use landscape area, but also:

  • Filters pollutants
  • Absorbs rainwater
  • Prevents & controls soil erosion
  • Requires less irrigation
  • Creates a lusher, denser lawn
  • Dissipates heat
  • Diminishes noise
  • Reduces glare
What are the environmental benefits of turfgrass?
A turf area of 50 ft x 50 ft releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four. A buffer zone of grass around buildings helps retard the spread of fire.

Turfgrass helps purify water entering underground aquifers and sewer systems because its root mass and soil microbes filter, capture, and break down many types of pollutants.

Our Story

Apgar Turf Farm, Inc. has evolved from a lawn care business founded by Arnold A. Apgar in 1976, and grew with a 7-acre field initiated by his son, John H. Apgar. John graduated from the University of Delaware in 1978 from the College of Agriculture with a degree in Plant Science, Landscape, and Turf Management. This family-run business now has three generations working side-by-side ‒ so you can be sure that we know grass!

Over the years, Apgar Turf Farm has grown to approximately 250 acres, with our reach extending far beyond the small town of Smyrna and throughout Delaware and the surrounding areas.

Today, John, his wife Donna, and their son Taylor run the farm, alongside our hardworking and dedicated crew. Taylor, who grew up working on the farm, graduated with a degree in Business from York College in Pennsylvania. After graduating in 2015, Taylor began working on the farm full-time, where he has been ever since.

We look forward to the opportunity to do business with you!

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